5 Random Facts About Me – Jane Dungate – Year 2

October 28, 2015 in uncategorised


Hi everyone, I’m Jane, I have recently become Course Rep for Contour Year 2 and a Student Ambassador, so I thought I would post 5 random facts about me!

1) I am a certified Mixologist after taking a bartending course whilst living in LA for 2 months,

2) I self taught my A Levels – Law, Psychology and History,

3) I was Jane Banks in my Year 6 school leavers’ production of Mary Poppins,

4) I’m from Basingstoke, the place where Thomas Burberry, of Burberry fame is from, and had his first shop,

5) Pizza Express’ chocolate fudge cake is my weakness.

If you ever need any help with anything, or just want someone to chat to, send me an email on j.dungate1@arts.ac.uk.

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