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Watchdog Journalism – Journalism & Society 27.10.16

October 31, 2016 in Journalism & Society

This week, our lectures were about the subject of Watchdog Journalism and the effectiveness of it as well as the power of journalism.

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‘What is Journalism?’ – Journalism and Society Seminar 13.10.16

October 17, 2016 in Journalism & Society

What is Journalism? 

The question that has been asked repeatedly throughout my first week. This is probably because its a hard question to answer. “What is Journalism?” 
It is a way to gather Information and assess stories, creating and presenting educational news and to entertain the public. But then some would argue that it is also used to fabricate information or even disseminate false stories. This question creates more questions. “Where do you draw the line with Journalism?” Read the rest of this entry →

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