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London 2017 World Athletics Championships Podcast

February 27, 2017 in Multimedia

This summer, the London Stadium in Stratford will host the 2017 World Athletics and ParaAthletics Championships.

These will be the biggest and most prestigious athletics events staged at the venue since the glory days of the 2012 Olympic Games.

But how many people are actually aware that the Championships are coming to the capital in August?

Crystal Davis and Lucas Chomicki visited the Queen Elizabeth Park, home of the London Stadium, to ask people there about the 2017 Worlds.

These events should be the highest-profile entries on the UK’s sporting calendar this year, but are they still flying under the radar with less than six months to go?

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Elephant Sport Podcast – The Rise of Online Streaming

February 1, 2017 in Multimedia, Opinion

Mike Newell and Lucas Chomicki investigate why more sports fans are turning to internet streaming to watch live events.

The increasing availability of illegal feeds is a growing problem for broadcasters anxious to protect their multi-billion pound investments in sports rights.

Sky and BT Sport paid £5.1bn between them for the current Premier League deal, but what happens when fans aren’t prepared to pay for what they view?

This vox pop features anonymous interviewees because of the subject under discussion.


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Trump Or Clinton?

October 18, 2016 in Editorial Skills

The Presidential Debate in the United states is almost an entertainment marathon dragged out like no other. It’s been over a year since Donald Trump announced he would be running Republican for the 2016 Election (lest we forget he represented the Reform Party in 2000 but with little success).

The warm-ups so long the British media cant escape getting dragged into a cheeky Trump comment every now and then. Plus with Nigel Farage getting involved in the campaign and UK Citizens already showing their shock at Trump’s apparent success, me and Kezia, were intrigued to see what those in the diverse region of Elephant and Castle had to say on the matter. We started with the simplest of questions; Trump or Clinton?

Trump or Clinton?

Tayo, London : “Clinton” “I can’t understand how people would allow a maniac like Donald Trump to run a superpower country” “it’s frightening”

Marco, Italy: “I trust neither of the candidates”

Lex, London: “Trump, because he has better views” “Trump has a goal of where he wants to be” “Clinton has had been in office for years and done nothing”

Josh London: “I’d have to go with Clinton, the first interview I heard Trump in, he was questioned about his Dad giving him a loan of $2Million Dollars, from then I said ‘this guy isn’t serious” “Clinton’s had the experience”

Do you feel the media has been fair in its representation?

Tayo: “I don’t think it’s fair at all, people focus on Trump and his nonsense” “and derogatory comments about Clinton more than focusing on what the policies are”

Marco: “I don’t have good information about this election” “America is the devil in this world and they cause all the war in this world, I would not be interested to know more”

Lex: “Trump gets a lot of hate about rumours of his sexual views, but Bill Clinton is way worse, he slept with his secretary, he sexually abused a child”

Josh: “There’s a lot of hate towards Clinton”

Well would you say the UK have a responsibility?

Tayo, London : “We hold no responsibility whatsoever“ “I just hope our Prime Minister, whoever the winner, doesn’t sway to their power and I hope she makes the right decisions to move forward”

Although the views varied; one clear fact resonates with me. People are glad to be on this side of the pond, as ‘voting would be a challenge’ as work colleagues Lex and Josh stated off-record. Those in SE1, London seem to be up to date with the 2016 Presidential US Election but I hope the consequences of November’s decision don’t slide over the pond this winter.

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