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Technology Enhanced Learning – First Lecture

February 2, 2017 in Lectures, Technology, TEL


I attended my first lecture in Technology Enhanced Learning on Wednesday.  Overall, the lecture was a great introduction to the module, the teaching faculty and colleagues I will be learning with.  We were asked to prepare for an activity in the class.

Using any materials you have to hand or feel comfortable using (e.g. paper, pencils, highlighter pens, printed matter, software, lego etc.), make a visual representation of your feeling(s) about Technology Enhanced Learning that you would be happy to share with the group. 

As drawing/illustration is not a skill I believe I possess, I decided to search for images that articulate my thoughts on technology in general, but lends itself to the use of technology in a learning environment.  So I am bit conflicted; I appreciate and enjoy the benefits of living in a highly technologically advanced society.  I believe its an instrument of liberation, and used responsibly it can, and does enhance people’s lives. Being able to communicate remotely democratises the learning experience for many and being able to share your thought and ideas allows for improved collaborative projects.




I do, however feel that technology is pervasive, unavoidable and has too much influence over how we live our lives. We are always plugged in, switched on, and the pressure to constantly interact, share and curate our lives and our work can be healthy.  This is not a comfortable space for everyone to exist within. For one, students may not want to be accessed and assessed through such public spaces. For those students that are unable to access technology due to cost or because they are are not computer literate it creates limitations, and the experience can feel less than democratic and they can feel excluded. Additionally, technology has the potential to inhibit creativity and I feel can encourage inauthentic dialogue.



Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to give explain to the images I selected as we had a lot to cover during the lecture.


The Course Leader, Ruth stressed to us that this course is not about teaching practical application of technology, but that the course is firmly rooted in pedagogy and ideas about teaching using technology. The aim is to develop our own positions on uses of technology, to be critically engage and become more informed, be open and experimental/playful.


We were introduced to Workflow.  Its an e-portfolio, we are expected to use this to document/reflect our experiences.  This will support our 2000 word critical appraisal.  I did ask about how this works with this blog, as this is also supposed to be a space for reflection.  I hope that duplication will not be too much of an issue because I intend to reuse some of this text in my Workflow Portfolio profile.

We also did an exercise on MOOCS and our own online interactions and how we navigate the space between Personal & Institution and Visitor and Residents.  I will go into more detail about this on my Workflow Portfolio.


Interesting to revisit: Tedx UAL Talk ‘What Artificial Intelligence Means For Culture’

January 27, 2017 in Reading Journal

‘What is Journalism?’ – Journalism and Society Seminar 13.10.16

October 17, 2016 in Journalism & Society

What is Journalism? 

The question that has been asked repeatedly throughout my first week. This is probably because its a hard question to answer. “What is Journalism?” 
It is a way to gather Information and assess stories, creating and presenting educational news and to entertain the public. But then some would argue that it is also used to fabricate information or even disseminate false stories. This question creates more questions. “Where do you draw the line with Journalism?” Read the rest of this entry →

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