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Pinterest Account

October 30, 2016 in uncategorised

wings 4 wings 3

wings 2 wings 1

To compliment my blog, I’ve created a new Pinterest account to support my research inquiries visually. Pinterest was a real key point for me in how collecting was not only engaged with digitally but also the implications for how anyone could and did engage with taxonmic thinking.

You can see it here.

I’m building up taxonomies of taxonomies…..

This is the kind of thing I completely go crazy over –

It provides such an elegant way to dip in and out of different sorting structures all while creating individual taxonmy’s on the fly. It also allows opportunties to think about the nature of taxonmical decision making.

Here is a Pinterest board dedicated to variations on the periodic table:

PT of story

These represent a significantly seperate system to the actual periodic table, which has each element placed in a certain position based on the number of protons in it’s nucleus. This then ‘revealed’ also different charcterisations of elements such as gases, and ‘heavy’ elements. The table above (a periodic table of storytelling) differs by using the visual structure and design aspects we associate with the periodic table however each ‘element’ occupies its position based on the makers own personal aesthetic or interpreation of relationships of the elements.

This exposes the bridging I need to explore within my research question – How can communication design challenge the historically inherent taxonomies of science?

Design uses taxonomies to present information in terms of its relative importance to the design and a hierachy of engagement with the information. Somthing significant in design is the way space is a consideration.

Taxonomy vs. Typology

October 30, 2016 in uncategorised

Looking at my Research Question and interrogating the actual words that comprises it lead me to consider the difference between a taxonomy and a typology. Both are essentially ways of classifying things.

Taxonomies are classifications that originally stem from biological classification systems, and relate to considerations intrinsic to the biology of a lifeform. They have evoloved beyond this use to be applied to non-biological subjects from design to information systems and languages.

Typologies (generally) are much broader in their associations and how things connect. Typologies usually lack a hierachy and are more centred around how something looks physically and it’s external structural considerations. Archeology, architecture and social sciences all draw from different types.

What is pertinent to my research is how these overlap and remain a point of contention when discuss where something belongs. This itself can become the very difinition of how somebody sees the world and where one idea ends and a new one begins.


A taxonomy looks like this:

reptiles and amphibians:

A typology looks like this:

brecher coal bunkers

Bernd and Hilla Brecher






The Visual Diary Starts Here

October 24, 2016 in uncategorised

Tomorrow I will be taking my collection of Brooke Bond Tea Cards and Albums to support my Collaborative Research Task.


These books really illustrate for me in a very sincere way how collecting and my love of nature, design, science and language overlap. They also are marker points in time from my youth and collecting can often be steeped in nostaligia. I don’t think this aspect of collecting offers my research anything as I am trying to extend my understanding of myself, my practice as a designer/ illustrator and collecting as they potentially serve as bridging points to working with the science community.

Brooke Bond Teac Cards and Albums


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