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January 27, 2017 in uncategorised

This week, I  have had the most amazing time working backstage at IRIS VAN HERPEN’s fashion show “Between The Lines” during Paris Couture Fashion week!


After months of preparing the collection consisting of 16 looks which feature 3d hand casted silicone, injection moulding, laser cut mylar and leather and many more traditional techniques, the show, held in the Maison des Métallos, Paris, was over in no time. While castings were held days before the show, last minute changes and fittings were made in the Atelier while the breathtaking catwalk installation has been planned out and built at the show location. Thanks to the amazing IVH Team I got to work with, the show was a great success for everyone and definitely has been a memorable experience.



“Electrifying” Opening Event of METABOLIC by Iris Van Herpen

November 5, 2016 in uncategorised

As part of my current Dips Year internship with Iris Van Herpen in Amsterdam I was able to experience the amazing opening performance of her current exhibition METABOLIC in Deventer, the Netherlands. The exhibition has been installed on the occasion of the Witteven+Bos prize for art and innovation which she received that very same night.

Photo 05-11-16 21 46 00

Having seen the high voltage performance from 2013 on my computer screen only, I was super excited to experience it live at the Bergkerk in Deventer where she currently exhibits various of her creations. The performance which has been created in collaboration with Carlos Van Camp shows artist Natalja who is wearing a specifically designed metal suit and is standing on a tesla coil. She demonstrates the interaction of three million volts controlled by her own body movement.

Watching the spectacle from a few meters distance, I was absolutely speechless, amazed, but also shocked in a way as it felt anything else than real.

Apart from this stunning and memorable opening, some of her most iconic creations are currently still on display in the church including the water dress, the snake dress and my all time favorite crystal-esque 3D printed heels from her collection “Hacking Infinity”.

Industry Placements for Fashion Contour Students at LCF

September 6, 2015 in uncategorised

At the end of year two, students on Fashion Contour at LCF can elect to take a year out in Industry. Here Louise Strudwick writes about her placement at  Playful Promises :

At the end of my second year I was thinking about doingplacement year, I was very nervous about going out into the industry as I had no previous experience as an intern and had no idea what to expect. At the very last minute Playful Promises accepted me to intern with them, I was overjoyed as they are my favourite lingerie brand and suit my design style down to the ground.

Firstly I was interning three days a week and was working on the suppliers side of the company along side the Design Manager and Production Manager helping them with small things at first such as selecting fabric samples to send to clients and organising the sample room which gave me a chance to learn about the brand and who their customers are. After just a month of interning with them they offered me the position of full time Design and Production Assistant. This was the highlight of my time at PP as it opened so many doors into the industry and gave me an opportunity to take on responsibilities within the company and get first hand experience.

I was trained up in the technical department by Delphine the Production Manager. She taught me valuable industry skills such as measuring samples against specs which helped me to understand product developments and garment quality control and also gave an insight into how the garments are constructed through flat pattern pieces and measurements. I also learnt how to grade garments from sample size to across all sizes, and how different clients have different grading rules and methods. I was able to sit in fit sessions with the models and buyers taking notes where I learnt about garment fit and what is ‘commercially acceptable’. I was also creating specs and design sheets and documents and to send to the factories in China, this taught me just how important communication is to ensure the samples come correct since it is hugely costly and time consuming when samples come in incorrect especially when working in industry with tight deadlines and timing windows.

Alongside this I was also working closely with Eragh the Design Manager where I was frequently working on CADS and designing swimwear, lingerie, fuller bust lingerie, nightwear, men’s loungewear, men’s swimwear and maternity sportswear. As time went on I was given more and more responsibility and eventually ended up producing around 80% of their design work on the suppliers side. This was a huge opportunity for me to refine my design skills and understand how to work alongside buyers throughout the design process. As well as designing I was sourcing fabrics, creating mood boards, hand illustrating for the print designer and putting together design presentations for design meetings, I even got to go along to a design meeting with ASOS at their head offices in Camden.


asos fb navy rouleau setnavy lace fb rouleau

ASOS FULLER BUST Exclusive Olivia Lace Caged Underwire Bra and ASOS FULLER BUST Exclusive Olivia Lace Caged Brazilian Pant

Throughout my time I met some amazing people, including Catherine the director of Kiss Me Deadly, as well as Katie from What Katie Did. I was also working closely with the buyers and merchandisers from Asos, Topshop, Missguided, Lipsy, and JOY.

Above: Playful Promises Angelina set arriving in January 2016

Doing placement year has honestly been the best decision I have ever made, I feel 100% ready to go out into the industry and am confident about what to expect and that I understand the whole process of creating a garment right through from the first sketch on paper through to the finished garment production. I strongly urge anyone who is contemplating placement year to just go and do it, you have nothing to loose and so much to gain. It is also the best opportunity to build your portfolio before going out into employment, I was lucky enough to have my designs sold on Asos and in Playful Promises new AW 15/16 collections. I have a huge amount of work to put into my portfolio before I have even graduated!

Set available up to G cuppp image 5


Above: Playful Promises Rosa set arriving in November 2015 – Available up to G cup

Photography: Anna Swiczeniuk,   Model : Miss Deadly Red.

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