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Idea Generation Processes – How do you convert ideas into finished work?

November 9, 2016 in courses, Student Stories

What exactly is the creative process and how do we convert ideas into a finished piece of work? We chat to artist Madeleine Staubli about her experience on the Idea Generation Processes short course and how it taught her new ways of unlocking her creative ideas, plus experiment with new ones.

What is your name and where do you come?  

Madeleine Staubli and I’m Swiss.  I currently live in the countryside near Lucerne

What is your occupation?


What 3 words describe your short course experience at Central Saint Martins?  

Fun, intensive, great experience 

What did you enjoy most about your course Idea Generation Processes?  

It was a great opportunity to experiment with different materials and a great opportunity to get closer to my own artistic language. I learned how to use my brain in new ways and it still works even a whole year after the course. It was worth every pound. Ideal for beginners as for professionals.  I actually took Ilga’s Total Drawing course also and loved the efficient way of going through different chapters. The teaching speed created a “workflow” which made my hands become drawing hands.

What was your first impression of Central Saint Martins?

It gave me the real London feeling which I hoped to find.

What did you think of your tutor Ilga Leimanis?

I appreciated Ilga’s teaching method.  Even with 16 in a group, she was efficient and clear and she was able to teach a mixed level class effectively, it didn’t matter if they were beginners or advanced learners or professionals.

How has this course benefitted your career or personal development?

I already had ideas about creating 3D objects but it seemed so difficult to realise them.  After the course it all became so easy and it felt as if all the doors in my brain were pushed open.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking this course?

If you really feel like experimenting and trying some other ways of thinking creatively then go for it.

What is the best thing about studying in London?

I love London and if I am there for a week I can keep my mind free of everything else. Being there enables me to occupy myself only with the things I want to.

The next Idea Generation Processes Short Course is in January with further dates throughout 2017. Check the Central Saint Martins Short Course website for further details.

we work in the dark, we do what we can – exhibition at Rye Creative Centre

September 19, 2016 in Gallery Visit, Photographic Research

Ghost| Phil Illingworth


MDF, found message (paper, ink), staple, straws, beeswax polish (2011)

9 x 8 x 5cm.

Phil says of Ghost..

At the end of 2010 I found a tiny slip of paper which is the focus of this work. The paper was washed up on the beach where I walk my dog, and it was written in arabic.

I used social media – Facebook, Twitter etc. to try to find out the meaning of what was contained in the message, and the title ‘Ghost’ is a reference to something in one of the responses I received. Some of the responses contradicted others, one even suggested that I should burn the paper.

It eventually transpired that the message was a form of prayer. For the original sender there is a profound emotional investment in the message, as well as for those who generously took the trouble to contact me. It was important to me not simply to acknowledge this, but to reflect it in the work.

The work partially involves the viewer being able to move around the piece and to view it from a constantly shifting point of view.


Ghost|Phil Illingworth


I find this work very moving. Being able to walk right around it and to look into it creates a very personal experience.


Alice Anderson |Nocturnal Drawings


I find myself drawn to work of a geometric nature. Both the above are formed of rectangles. Neat and clean. Reminiscent of Agnes Martin’s grids.


Alice Anderson’s work is performative, and often involves copper wire. Her ‘Memorised Objects’ are easy to understand, and have a playfulness to them.

11.ladders.alice anderson

Alice Anderson|Ladders


Alice is creating an archive of objects to which anyone is invited to contribute onbjects of significance to themself or to society.

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