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Digital Culture Workshop – Virtual Reality & Games Engines

January 17, 2017 in Drop In Sessions, Events, News, workshops


Digital Culture workshop Wednesday 7th December 2016

The final Digital Culture workshop of 2016 focused on Virtual Reality or “VR” and Games Engines, hosted by the 4D team and students at Central Saint Martins.

The topic proved to be popular with staff and students alike. 15 members of staff and 12 students dropped in to room E003 which was turned into a “Virtual Reality Hub”

Staff and students showcased work that heavily included the use of Virtual Reality.

The VR digital culture workshop concentrated on “Immersive VR Education” a tailored space whereby participants where asked to move around a virtual room and participate in activities such as opening windows, sitting down or creating an artistic virtual canvas.

Nelson, Ben, Shau and Joao engaged participants in two hours of experimentation, analysis and fun.

For more information on the day please review the the video snapshot below:

For more information on Digital Culture Drop in session please contact 

The next Digital Culture workshop is around the corner – 15th March 2017

November 1, 2016 in Conferences, Drop In Sessions, Events, exhibitions, News, workshops

Digital Culture – What is it? How did it Start? Why did it Start? Where is it Going?


The Digital Culture project addresses the use of digital technologies to support learning. Approaches in this area are very varied, but a simple split can be made between:

Programmes for students, where learners use technology in problem solving or more open-ended learning, and Technology for teachers such as interactive whiteboards or learning platforms.

The Next Digital Culture event take place: 2pm-4pm Wednesday 15th March 2017  

This months event is a workshop on paper prototyping which will be delivered by Joel Gethin Lewis

Gethin Lewis has been a Visiting Practitioner at in GCD at CSM teaching on BA and MA and more importantly has developed an amazing long term practice and portfolio of projects in computation, art, and design.

Joel’s workshop focuses on the us of  paper and pens to quickly physically prototype ideas. The idea is to find out the challenges and opportunities around an idea before spending money on building it – the technique works for anything from products to websites to workshops.

For further details please email  to register your interest.

Digital Culture

Welcome to Digital Culture

October 19, 2016 in Conferences, Drop In Sessions, Events, exhibitions, News, uncategorised, workshops


Digital Is Not The Future

It’s already here!

Digital Culture – What is it? How did it Start? Why did it Start? Where is it Going?

The Digital Culture pilot took place Wednesday 29th June 2016. X number of staff from Central Saint Martins attended a half day workshop that discussed digital practices for staff and students and how this relates to ongoing digital literacy as part of Central Saint Martins’ developmental strategy. Staff were able to contribute their ideas about current digital practices and the varying skill sets within the nine programmes.

Contributors took part in discussions around the following topics:

  • Anxiety and Security in the Curriculum
  • Identity and Privacy in Online Educational Spaces
  • Digital Presence and Professionalization
  • Digital Wellbeing and Responsibility 

Our initial; approach was to explore these areas whilst simultaneosuly utilising digital tools and platforms in a hands on workshop setting, however, the topics led the contributors to discuss and agree on ways forward for Digital Culture at Central Saint Martins.

The session allowed staff to discuss their use of tools and platforms (from Moodle via workflow, and InDesign, to coding and web design) in a hands-on workshop setting. Staff discussed and agreed collectively on a way forward for utilising Digital Culture at Central Saint Martins.

The workshop underscored the following questions

How do you consider digital Identity and well being in your curricula?

  1. Utilise online portfolios as part of students reflective practice
  2. Students need to understand how to manage their digital identity – safely and professionally
  3. How do you deal with Social Media?…theres no opt out if you are a student. How do you deal with this in terms of showcasing your work?

Staff highlighted the importance of students and staff being being able to learn in an unthreatening environment

How do we address ongoing digital literacy (a) For staff and (b) for students?



How is digital culture influencing your practice?


What does digital learning and development mean to you?


What forums do we put in place to facilitate development?


Discussions will culminate in a series of monthly  workshops that will address the use of “Digital Culture for staff at Central Saint Martins, providing staff with a place to share, experiment, discover and learn within a digital space within the college. In addition a “Digital Culture Forum” will occur termly, providing staff with a basis to debate and discuss the use of ‘digital’ at Central Saint Martins.

For further information on Digital Culture please email

Bookbinding for Artists

August 28, 2016 in Artist's books, Boxmaking, workshops

My course Bookbinding for Artists is finished. I enjoyed it very much, and we got more ground covered than I would usually expect in one week. I think this was partly due to the size of the group (only 5 students) but also partly due to them putting a lot of effort in. We made a Codex binding, a Coptic binding, a Japanese binding, two Concertina books, a dos-a-dos book, a long-stitch binding, and a Solander box. Well done to all my students: Asako, Yasuko, Paolo, Kerree and Valentina. I hope you all carry on making books!

This book is a double-sided book, or dos-a-dos book. Each side contains only one signature and is sewn in a simple pamphlet stitch.

double sided book

A dos-a-dos book.

Coptic stitch books. Sewing instructions can be found in Keith Smith’s book “Books without paste or glue”.

Spine of a book sewn in Coptic stitch

Spine of a book sewn in Coptic stitch

Beautiful Coptic stitch book made by Asako.

Beautiful Coptic stitch book made by Asako.

Quite a challenge: Making a Solander box. This project took nearly two days but the results were well worth the effort!

Paolo and Kerree making Solander boxes

Paolo and Kerree making Solander boxes

Valentina lining her box with her handmade marbled paper.

Valentina lining her box with her handmade marbled paper.

Yasuko lining her box.

Yasuko lining her box.

Asako's solander box.

Asako’s solander box.

Asako's solander box fully opened – lovely!

Asako’s solander box fully opened – lovely!

This accordion cardholder book is taken from Esther K. Smith’s book “How to make books”. In her version the cover is made out of playing cards; for my version I lined greyboard with screenprinted paper left over from another project.

Accordion cardholder book.

Accordion cardholder book.

These long-stitch books have their signatures sewn directly onto the cover.

Long-stitch books

Long-stitch books

Asako and Yasuko with their long-stitch books.

Asako and Yasuko with their long-stitch books.

Bookbinding for Artists, 15-19 August 2016

August 15, 2016 in workshops

I’m running my Artscom class Bookbinding for Artists this week in Byam Shaw in Archway. I have five students, which is a good size for a class. Not too small, not too large (no long queues for the board chopper!) We started off with a Codex binding today, and we made some beautiful books. I was worried about finishing on time, but miraculously we were finished at 3:55pm – pretty impressive, we even had 5 minutes left to wash the brushes!

Photo of folded pages, ready for sewing.

Signatures ready to sew.

Students sewing books

Students sewing books

Students sewing books

Students sewing books.

Finished books.

Finished books.

Finished books.

Finished books.

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