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One Day Without Us – National Day of Action

February 16, 2017 in Inclusive Teaching & Learning in HE, Opinion and Current Affairs


Let me ask this question: How can we promote inclusivity when we ourselves are feeling excluded ?

I’m not British. I was born in Barcelona, 43 years ago and I have been living in the UK since April 1997. . . nearly 20 years. I fell in love with the UK because many of my favourite bands were British and many exciting things were happening in this country’s Art world. I flew over to escape from a religious and patriarchal family where my dreams of become a musician and female fine artist where frowned upon. Here in the UK, away from my discouraging family I worked hard to accomplish my dreams. Along the way, I’ve meet wonderful people who have made me feel welcome and loved. This country was my adopted home, a place where I belong.

However, as many other EU Nationals and Immigrants from around the world living currently here,  I’ve been increasingly feeling alienated, unwelcome and constantly worried about my future in this country.

Imagine how it would feel to be rejected by the place you had chosen to call your home.

I think this event it’s a great idea as many of us feel the need to feel welcome and appreciated (I hope this doesn’t sound too patronising!)

I’ve been talking to some other technical staff here at Central Saint Martins and we are thinking of organising a lunch time gathering where everyone will bring something food and drink from where they are from.

I’m going to make some delicious spanish omelletes and , if they allowed me,  I will bring some Rioja!


We are millions. Let us stand together and show it.
Let’s reject the politics of division and hatred.
Let’s make tomorrow better than today.


MONDAY 20 February 2017, 1- 2pm
Location: Granary Building, Room TBC

Film: Dear White People

February 13, 2017 in Inclusive Teaching & Learning in HE, Opinion and Current Affairs, Race


Flicking through Netflix I found this film. I thought it might point out few cues for Inclusivity in HE.

Has anybody else seen this?

Here is The Guardian review of this “clever campus satire”

Some thoughts:

It was interesting to see the point of view of how Black people feel in a predominant white place such University college. Some characters are Black rights activists and they constantly get accused of reverse racism.

“Black people can’t be racist. Perjusdist yes, but not racist. Racism descrives a system of disvantage based on race but (black) people can’t be racist since we don’t stand to benefit from such system”

the statement (above) really stay with me, and made me think and even look up the definitions of Racism and Perjudice. While doing so I also came across a very interesting article in the 4 Reverse Racism’s Myths That Need to Stop by Zeba Blay



There is no “compromise” between equality and violent White Supremacy

February 8, 2017 in Opinion and Current Affairs

Interesting read

“Human beings can quite easily fall in line with violent hatred and oppression; any quick glance through world history will show that to be true. Do you think that the Nazis came to power against the will of the German electorate, or with the support of the German people? Do you think that slavery was upheld purely by the few rich enough to own slaves, or by an entire society that even erected armies to defend it? And no, none of this can be excused away as “a product of the times” — humans are not like wine grapes; we do not have a few “bad years” that we can blame on the soil. If you recognize that these horrific systems of abuse, oppression, and even genocide were upheld by everyday people, then you have to acknowledge that everyday people are capable of some pretty heinous shit. You can be in the PTA and you can pay your taxes and you can volunteer at your local homeless shelter and at the same time you can be actively upholding the oppression of others. It has been done before and it is being done now.” Ijeoma Oluo

Read the whole blog post here

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