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Translation Exhibition – Curation

November 26, 2016 in exhibitions, Imagery

Of the other works within the exhibition, this one really took my fancy. Secretly positioned within the Triangle Space, behind an large-scale installation I not only enjoy the nature of the exhibition its curation.

A very conventional fish tank, the LED blue backlight really helps to create a unique feel to the piece. The blue lighting contrasts against the orange of the fish, the muted undertone of the piece is really expounded by this minimal aesthetic.

Hidden within what I considered to be a chaotic space of the Triangle space, this for me is an example of playful, careful planning and curation to carve out a space of their own within the larger space of the exhibition.





Translations Exhibition

November 26, 2016 in exhibitions, Studio Practise

I wanted a minimalist design to the work. I wanted the details to be central focus of the work. My research on simulation and representation have been central in the way I have curated my work. I wanted to move away from the plinth (although I  did write in my proposal that I would be employing a plinth which secured me a space in the Triangle Space.

Luckily, i found a small place in the corner of the room on the far right of the Cookhouse. I has a lot of wall space to myself and it really took centre stage within a room that had nothing like it installed within the space.

Hung on the wall using 5 nails, although I wanted the mechanics of its hanging to be more discrete there was very little that I could to to hid the nails heads as the clay cast was resting upon them.

Overall, I enjoy the way the list casts over the casting, creating a 3D feel to the clay, and a double shadow underneah.

What I enjoyed about its curation was the amount of space my work commands. A deep brown against the harsh white of the exhibition space, this I feel really feel maximised the exposure of the cast within the room. This, in turn, took away disappointment from being unable to use the ice-sculpture.
































William Kentridge @ Whitechapel Gallery

November 6, 2016 in babble, exhibitions

Went to Whitechapel gallery today to check William Kentridge’s exhibition, since EVERYONE I’ve heard talking about it said it was great. Well, I agree, it is really good!

From an animation perspective, it’s great to see the way he doesn’t limit himself to the flatness of a screen. A lot of the installations there were incredibly immersive due to their physical, three dimensional, expression. On top of that, Kentridge’s way of combining animation with live action footage was inspiring, and it is always good to be reminded that we can (maybe even should?) explore a lot more than just a character, or the ‘traditional’ drawing aesthetics(3D included here), in an animation piece.

Although not one of the works that used physical media combined with a projection, this was probably my favourite work displayed in the exhibition. I just loved the idea of using a book as the starting point for an animation, in a way a book can tell you a story just like moving image can.
I’m sorry in advance for the bad recording, but this was the only video I could find of it!

The next Digital Culture workshop is around the corner – 15th March 2017

November 1, 2016 in Conferences, Drop In Sessions, Events, exhibitions, News, workshops

Digital Culture – What is it? How did it Start? Why did it Start? Where is it Going?


The Digital Culture project addresses the use of digital technologies to support learning. Approaches in this area are very varied, but a simple split can be made between:

Programmes for students, where learners use technology in problem solving or more open-ended learning, and Technology for teachers such as interactive whiteboards or learning platforms.

The Next Digital Culture event take place: 2pm-4pm Wednesday 15th March 2017  

This months event is a workshop on paper prototyping which will be delivered by Joel Gethin Lewis

Gethin Lewis has been a Visiting Practitioner at in GCD at CSM teaching on BA and MA and more importantly has developed an amazing long term practice and portfolio of projects in computation, art, and design.

Joel’s workshop focuses on the us of  paper and pens to quickly physically prototype ideas. The idea is to find out the challenges and opportunities around an idea before spending money on building it – the technique works for anything from products to websites to workshops.

For further details please email  to register your interest.

Digital Culture

Welcome to Digital Culture

October 19, 2016 in Conferences, Drop In Sessions, Events, exhibitions, News, uncategorised, workshops


Digital Is Not The Future

It’s already here!

Digital Culture – What is it? How did it Start? Why did it Start? Where is it Going?

The Digital Culture pilot took place Wednesday 29th June 2016. X number of staff from Central Saint Martins attended a half day workshop that discussed digital practices for staff and students and how this relates to ongoing digital literacy as part of Central Saint Martins’ developmental strategy. Staff were able to contribute their ideas about current digital practices and the varying skill sets within the nine programmes.

Contributors took part in discussions around the following topics:

  • Anxiety and Security in the Curriculum
  • Identity and Privacy in Online Educational Spaces
  • Digital Presence and Professionalization
  • Digital Wellbeing and Responsibility 

Our initial; approach was to explore these areas whilst simultaneosuly utilising digital tools and platforms in a hands on workshop setting, however, the topics led the contributors to discuss and agree on ways forward for Digital Culture at Central Saint Martins.

The session allowed staff to discuss their use of tools and platforms (from Moodle via workflow, and InDesign, to coding and web design) in a hands-on workshop setting. Staff discussed and agreed collectively on a way forward for utilising Digital Culture at Central Saint Martins.

The workshop underscored the following questions

How do you consider digital Identity and well being in your curricula?

  1. Utilise online portfolios as part of students reflective practice
  2. Students need to understand how to manage their digital identity – safely and professionally
  3. How do you deal with Social Media?…theres no opt out if you are a student. How do you deal with this in terms of showcasing your work?

Staff highlighted the importance of students and staff being being able to learn in an unthreatening environment

How do we address ongoing digital literacy (a) For staff and (b) for students?



How is digital culture influencing your practice?


What does digital learning and development mean to you?


What forums do we put in place to facilitate development?


Discussions will culminate in a series of monthly  workshops that will address the use of “Digital Culture for staff at Central Saint Martins, providing staff with a place to share, experiment, discover and learn within a digital space within the college. In addition a “Digital Culture Forum” will occur termly, providing staff with a basis to debate and discuss the use of ‘digital’ at Central Saint Martins.

For further information on Digital Culture please email

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