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Learn x Design 27th – 30th June 2017 – The Allure of the Digital and Beyond.

February 24, 2017 in Conferences, Events, News



This conference brings together researchers and practitioners from a wide variety of higher education design settings with the intention of connecting emergent models and ideas around the digital, with the scholarship of teaching and learning. The Conference will be held in London at Ravensbourne on the Greenwich Peninsula.

This conference will bring together researchers and practitioners with an international reach and from a wide variety of education design settings with the intention of connecting emergent models and ideas around the digital, with the scholarship of teaching and learning. The call for papers has been extended to 24th February 2017.  For further details in relation to this please submit here: 

For additional information relating to the conference click here: Learn X Design 2017


Digitally Engaged Learning Conference 14-15 September 2017 – Central Saint Martins

February 23, 2017 in Conferences, Events, News



DEL (Digitally Engaged Learning) is an international conference exploring and evolving digitally engaged teaching and learning in art and design Higher Education. The conference has been set up to encourage practitioners and educators from creative disciplines to share, harness and critique digital tools and spaces. The conference welcomes individuals and groups across all creative disciplines, working in roles including instructors, lecturers, researchers, support staff, instructional designers and technicians. There are opportunities to share and discuss emerging forms of pedagogy, digital art and design practice, and research. Participants are invited to submit to the open access, peer reviewed Spark Journal, which promotes new thinking around teaching and learning in the creative disciplines. #DEL17

This year the Conference is themed ‘Teaching Making / Making Teaching’, the conference seeks to explore creative practices and processes of teaching with digital technology. Calls for proposals end April 2017. There are a number of submission formats. Please click here to find out more:

DEL 17 is a partnership with The New School, University of the Arts London (UAL), Penn State University and Texas State University. The conference will be hosted at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, 14-15 September 2017.

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Problem Solving by Design

February 7, 2017 in Events, News

We’re running the Think Design workshop this week that will give UAL colleagues an insight in to our BA (Hons) Design Management and Cultures course at LCC. We’ll cover some of the approaches used on the course – including Design Thinking. This is not a new methodology so you may already know all about it. If you fancy a quick refresher, or you’re just curious about Design Thinking, this short video explains it in a nutshell.

Ceramics Exhibition at Central Saint Martins Lethaby Gallery

February 1, 2017 in Events

Entering it’s final two weeks, Craftsmanship Alone Is Not Enough celebrates Ceramics and it’s teaching at Central Saint Martins for over 100 years.

Today it is one of the two remaining ceramic specialist degree courses in the United Kingdom, and the only one with an emphasis on design.

Mixing together work by alumni and current staff and students, Craftsmanship Alone is Not Enough celebrates this rich history, demonstrating how the course continues its role as leader in material and design education now and onwards into the next 100 years.

The exhibition will run until 11 February at Lethaby Gallery, Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, N1C 4AA

Opening times: 

Tuesday to Friday: 11am – 6pm
Saturday: 12 noon – 5pm

Please visit the Central Saint Martins Event page for further information.

For more information on upcoming short courses in Ceramics, please visit the Central Saint Martins short courses page for further information.

DRAW event: Scott King

February 1, 2017 in Events, News, Upcoming


A black and white drawing of a crying cat

8 February
House of Illustration
2 Granary Square, London

Join DRAW and Scott King for a visit to the Jo Brocklehurst: Nobodies and Somebodies exhibition at the House of Illustration, followed by a presentation and discussion around graphic novels, public art and not drawing.

Scott King is a graphic designer who worked as art director of i-D magazine, creative director of Sleazenation magazine and was Chair of Visual Communication at UAL 2013-2016. At this DRAW event, Scott will discus works including graphic novel ‘Anish and Antony Take Afghanistan’ (illustrated by Will Henry), and The Alcoholics Colouring Book as well as his approach to collaboration, and making (or not making) drawings.

Scott’s presentation will be followed by a discussion chaired by Tania Kovats, Course Director, MA Drawing.

We will then relocate to the Platform Theatre Bar at CSM to continue the conversation.

To book a place, follow this link:

Join the DRAW mailing list by emailing:

Digital Culture Workshop – Virtual Reality & Games Engines

January 17, 2017 in Drop In Sessions, Events, News, workshops


Digital Culture workshop Wednesday 7th December 2016

The final Digital Culture workshop of 2016 focused on Virtual Reality or “VR” and Games Engines, hosted by the 4D team and students at Central Saint Martins.

The topic proved to be popular with staff and students alike. 15 members of staff and 12 students dropped in to room E003 which was turned into a “Virtual Reality Hub”

Staff and students showcased work that heavily included the use of Virtual Reality.

The VR digital culture workshop concentrated on “Immersive VR Education” a tailored space whereby participants where asked to move around a virtual room and participate in activities such as opening windows, sitting down or creating an artistic virtual canvas.

Nelson, Ben, Shau and Joao engaged participants in two hours of experimentation, analysis and fun.

For more information on the day please review the the video snapshot below:

For more information on Digital Culture Drop in session please contact 

Illustrating Fashion: Sue Dray

November 22, 2016 in Events, News, Previous

Text by Laura Wend, MA Drawing student

DRAW (Drawing Research at Wimbledon), a postgraduate reading group focusing on interdisciplinary approaches to drawing, tonight, held its first event of the academic year at London College of Fashion, with a talk by fashion illustrator Sue Dray, chaired by Tania Kovats (Course Director, MA Drawing). In a discussion about the role of drawing within fashion imagery, Dray reflects on her practice and journey to becoming a fashion illustrator.

illustrating_fashion_04Presenting us with an array of her work, Dray begins first by reflecting on drawings from her childhood. Free and rich in colour and texture, she admires these early drawings for their freedom of expression, lack of inhibition and innocent candour.

The famous Picasso quote that “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up” seems to tie in well here with her firm belief that the education system can be damaging to creative thoughts and independence, where one becomes too critical. As a child, we don’t question the way of drawing, and seemingly, it is this unrestricted creativity and openness of gestures and liberating way that we as a child make a mark, that the illustrator has sought to explore and re-employ in her drawing practice ever since.

Having illustrated for ground-breaking liberal and feminist publications, such as Spare Rib and The Women’s Press, Dray reflects on the extremely laborious tasks of creating these drawings, having to separate the colours amid technological difficulties with scanning and printing at that time. She also recollects her obsession with detail and getting every line and fold right in the drawing. This can also be seen in her book jackets and cook book illustrations. Incorporating the narrative of each book, capturing so many different elements and specific details in each illustration, she soon realised this way of drawing would not be sustainable in the long term.

Delving back into this inner child way of drawing, Dray explored a drawing method of meditating, then using her non-dominant hand (her left hand) in dialogue with painting with her right hand. No longer concerned with getting the details right, she found this a liberating process where work became less about the detail, and more about the essence of the subject, about what she was trying to portray through the image and how it resounded with the viewer. No longer worrying about how she drew, but rather what the drawings were trying to say, works became more intellectual but also more simplistic in style.

Describing the run way as her studio, Dray captures the fast paced nature of the catwalk in her fashion illustrations. By asking What do we see when we look at the catwalk? What is the message? What is the narrative? How do I encapsulate 30 different outfits in to two drawings? Dray became less concerned with detail, instead making a response to extract the essence and spirit of the collection. Retaining this magic of drawing live, is also important for her when drawing from a photograph. She describes needing this discipline, to make the same marks you would if live, so not to return to this obsessive state of drawing, a process that for her could transpire extremely passive. Drawing very spontaneously and intuitively, she works in the moment with a focus on the haptic of creating.


illustrating_fashion_09Finally, Dray discusses the advantages and vast possibilities of drawing with an iPadpro. Using ‘Procreate’ to draw digitally, it allows her to continue recording models in a fast manner, with an unlimited colour palette, an array of textures and the ability to erase, undo and edit. With the advantage of having a portable studio at her fingertips, one than she can share with others at the click of the button, and many other artists, like David Hockney using similar software, it throws up many questions around the nature of drawing. It questions whether drawing on an iPad can have the same urgency and permanence as drawing on paper? Whether digital drawings can exist without being printed out as a physical copy? And what is the best way to achieve and archive such work? Certainly digital drawings allow for a slightly different quality to the work. Describing this method as liberating and progressive, Dray highlights the importance of being open to new tools and techniques, whilst keeping an inquisitive nature within everything you do.

Sue Dray currently draws backstage for Vivienne Westwood and Andrew Logan’s ‘Alternative Miss World’. Her work has been published in Sunday Times, Cosmopolian, Time Out, Fashion Weekly, Elle, New Scientist and The Observer.

The next Digital Culture workshop is around the corner – 15th March 2017

November 1, 2016 in Conferences, Drop In Sessions, Events, exhibitions, News, workshops

Digital Culture – What is it? How did it Start? Why did it Start? Where is it Going?


The Digital Culture project addresses the use of digital technologies to support learning. Approaches in this area are very varied, but a simple split can be made between:

Programmes for students, where learners use technology in problem solving or more open-ended learning, and Technology for teachers such as interactive whiteboards or learning platforms.

The Next Digital Culture event take place: 2pm-4pm Wednesday 15th March 2017  

This months event is a workshop on paper prototyping which will be delivered by Joel Gethin Lewis

Gethin Lewis has been a Visiting Practitioner at in GCD at CSM teaching on BA and MA and more importantly has developed an amazing long term practice and portfolio of projects in computation, art, and design.

Joel’s workshop focuses on the us of  paper and pens to quickly physically prototype ideas. The idea is to find out the challenges and opportunities around an idea before spending money on building it – the technique works for anything from products to websites to workshops.

For further details please email  to register your interest.

Digital Culture

Welcome to Digital Culture

October 19, 2016 in Conferences, Drop In Sessions, Events, exhibitions, News, uncategorised, workshops


Digital Is Not The Future

It’s already here!

Digital Culture – What is it? How did it Start? Why did it Start? Where is it Going?

The Digital Culture pilot took place Wednesday 29th June 2016. X number of staff from Central Saint Martins attended a half day workshop that discussed digital practices for staff and students and how this relates to ongoing digital literacy as part of Central Saint Martins’ developmental strategy. Staff were able to contribute their ideas about current digital practices and the varying skill sets within the nine programmes.

Contributors took part in discussions around the following topics:

  • Anxiety and Security in the Curriculum
  • Identity and Privacy in Online Educational Spaces
  • Digital Presence and Professionalization
  • Digital Wellbeing and Responsibility 

Our initial; approach was to explore these areas whilst simultaneosuly utilising digital tools and platforms in a hands on workshop setting, however, the topics led the contributors to discuss and agree on ways forward for Digital Culture at Central Saint Martins.

The session allowed staff to discuss their use of tools and platforms (from Moodle via workflow, and InDesign, to coding and web design) in a hands-on workshop setting. Staff discussed and agreed collectively on a way forward for utilising Digital Culture at Central Saint Martins.

The workshop underscored the following questions

How do you consider digital Identity and well being in your curricula?

  1. Utilise online portfolios as part of students reflective practice
  2. Students need to understand how to manage their digital identity – safely and professionally
  3. How do you deal with Social Media?…theres no opt out if you are a student. How do you deal with this in terms of showcasing your work?

Staff highlighted the importance of students and staff being being able to learn in an unthreatening environment

How do we address ongoing digital literacy (a) For staff and (b) for students?



How is digital culture influencing your practice?


What does digital learning and development mean to you?


What forums do we put in place to facilitate development?


Discussions will culminate in a series of monthly  workshops that will address the use of “Digital Culture for staff at Central Saint Martins, providing staff with a place to share, experiment, discover and learn within a digital space within the college. In addition a “Digital Culture Forum” will occur termly, providing staff with a basis to debate and discuss the use of ‘digital’ at Central Saint Martins.

For further information on Digital Culture please email

Reportage Photography Exhibition Thursday 23rd June

June 20, 2016 in Events

It’s that time of year again when students of Central Saint Martins Reportage Photography Short Course present their final projects in an exhibition session entitled Documentaries.

With invited questions and crits from the audience, the process will often tease out a depth of analysis and reflexive qualities that only a q+a and exhibition can. “The more a student engages in the practice of presentation the more they evolve in terms of developing the finer points behind the understanding of their own work and process” said course tutor Karl Grupe.

With upcoming dates throughout the year, the exhibition will also be a great opportunity for any prospective Reportage Photography students to speak with current students and the tutor directly.

Topics included in the exhibition are:

a ethnographic visual study of location and fear

a photo essay on old age and sport

a photo essay interpreting rush hour and Londons Underground

a personal collection of images on the mythology of nostalgia at Coney Island USA

an investigation into how London’s parks contribute to our well being

Reportage Photography

The exhibition will take place from 6.30pm – 8.30pm and  is a great opportunity for you to find out more about this exciting course at Central Saint Martins.

Book your ticket through eventbrite, places are limited:

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