Reflection + ‘Agreed Actions’

October 13, 2016 in Reflection Only

Based in pieces that already exist (ej. Beauty n 9 by Olafur Eliasson, The Messanger by Bill Viola) and the similarities that those could have to my experimentation, I would like to talk about the possibilities and options that I have to carry on with my light and waves mechanism, and creating something that communicates parallel to my essence. I would like to talk about the use of what exists as a source of research but without the perception of compromising my voice, while being able to define and polish that voice through my decisions along the process.

I am currently exploring ideas of reflection as “a careful and considerate thought process”, also using projection as an identification of the self which bounces back an again to oneself.

I am approaching ideas of reflection and projection through the use of light’s reflection into water waves, and experimenting with projecting and reflecting once again through mirrors into a surface.

Other elements included have been the study of light, and waves which also I intend to be used as a metaphorical study of how they relate to human’s thought process. (Meditative state of mind / turbid state of mind).

The context of my process involves somehow mimicry to diverse natural environments, one of them being Cenotes, where along Caribbean coast it’s mostly where I’ve been able to perceive these natural behaviours closely throughout the course of my life. The previews point took me to a realization of how personal choosing to carry on investigations with water has become.

Although I would realize different actions daily I am constantly rooting my life to spirituality, (daily meditation being one of those actions). Although ideas about ritual have been only and very recently externalized with one of my last projects (Xiiw tea). Spirituality has remained present along my processes but never explicitly mentioned nor used to describe directly the context or content of my work.

Researching Bill Viola’s practice has a strong resonance of values. This research helps me perceive how spirituality has been present in my life and along my practice, yet this time re-discovering spirituality possibly as a root and my practice as a spiritual and reflective process. The incorporation of spiritual rituals I carry day by day have constantly been embodied within my processes, but direct research regarding spiritually was always kept separated from other concepts and ideas (ej. The Unmanifest Canvas by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and other teachings). I would want to explore my concepts and practice coming down to a coexistent relation with spirituality and reflection, although still mirroring other research regarding physical and abstract matters such as physics and nature.


During my research I was encouraged to carry on with incorporations of spiritual teachings and texts, aiming to obtain a research closer to what I deeply believe in. It was also suggested to involve deeper research regarding woman’s practices, which I intend to do on women from diverse disciplines such as Silvia Earl (first female marine biologist to scuba dive), Agnes Martin, Lygia Pape, or artists I have previously researched such as Roni Horn and Tacita Dean. We also discussed how language can become an interesting direction, through perhaps questioning roots of certain Mesoamerican words or mythologies. The previous point leads to agreeing that it’ll be good to keep up research that is also not water-related. Although during our conversation there were as well very interesting suggestions for research related to water in England (flooded villages being one of them).

There was a valuable reminder related to my collaboration with Florentine. This reminder is something I want to make ongoing, throughout our time collaborating. What I take from this reminder is that while collaborating I would like the experience most of all to be nourished by intentions of exchange, a sense of who we are, a relationship based on interest and importance reflected towards each other, discovering interest from one another as well as getting a sense of what our differences are.

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